Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bibliography and Interactive Map

We’re happy to report that two of our new Medieval Naples pages are being used quite a bit by readers. Our Bibliography has now received almost 1,500 downloads. It is searchable and currently contains nearly 600 items of value to researchers in all periods of medieval Naples. It can be downloaded free of charge.

Our Interactive Map of Medieval Naples has now received nearly 3,900 views. This map uses the online tools available in Google Map. Clicking on the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons on the upper left will magnify views down to the street level. Users can also view this map in “Map” (or street) mode, Satellite (aerial photograph), or Terrain (topographical) views. It uses standard cartographical symbols for abbeys, churches, secular buildings, walls (early medieval and Angevin), gates, and fortifications.

Clicking on any of these symbols will open a window with descriptive texts, images, bibliography and hyperlinks to other texts, sites, and web-image galleries produced by Italica Press.

Clicking “View Larger Map” below will open this map in Google Map and provide a complete index of sites. There you can also open the map in Google Earth (a free, downloadable program) and see the medieval city set against a navigable three-dimensional landscape.

Both the Bibliography and Map are works in progress. We welcome your suggestions for additions and changes.