Saturday, March 7, 2009

We've begun Chapter 6: The Angevins

After many years of delay and false starts we have arrived upon what we think is an ideal solution to our launching the publication of A Documentary History of Naples: Medieval Naples, 400–1400. Rather than wait until we have sifted through hundreds of primary sources, made our limited selections, translated, edited and prepared them for print, we’ve decided to use the potential of online publishing to forge ahead.
In the weeks and months ahead you’ll therefore begin to see many full-text selections on Neapolitan history in English translation appear on these pages. We’re beginning with two areas: the history of the Angevin period and Neapolitan literature and book production. The texts we’ve assembled represent only a small fraction of what we’ll be publishing, but as far as we know they already offer more English-language texts on medieval Naples than can be found published anywhere else.
As we continue to add content, change readings or texts, we’ll be posting entries on this blog. Subscribing to the RSS feed provided here will also give you immediate notification of these changes. The blog format of these pages will also give you a voice in the process: suggesting texts, additions and emendations, editorial and other changes to the texts we’ve already posted. We look forward to this process, and to hearing from you.